NWS Bot Privacy & Terms

(Updated March 5, 2023)

NWS Bot was developed with privacy in mind. The bot does not log information or data that is not essential for the bot's operation, such as message content or user data, unless manually submitted by the user. Images downloaded are not stored and are deleted immediately after sending. Data is not cached in HTTP requests and unique URLs are used for every request.

This statement does not supersede Discord's Terms of Service.

Data Collection, Purpose, and Storage Duration

When using any command, NWS Bot automatically stores essential information for its operation, which includes:
- Server/guild IDs
- Server-specific bot settings and configurations

For certain features, the bot may store the following:
- Server's last listened-to station (when using stream feature)
- Voice channel ID (when actively using stream feature, deleted when bot is disconnected)
- Message channel IDs (when using IEMBot feature)

Server IDs and server-specific settings are stored basic operations, and the data is kept only for as long as the bot is in the server. The data is immediately deleted when the bot is removed from the relevant server.

When submitting suggestions using the `suggest` command, users may choose to submit it along with their Discord username and tag. This is optional, and users may choose to submit anonymously.

When adding stations/streams using the stream feature, data such as station ID, location, and URL is stored. Any server with NWS Bot added can use these stations/streams.

In some cases, the bot may store message data when it receives a response from the user after prompting for it (indicated with the blue embed color).

System and Infrastructure, Security

The bot is hosted on a private VPS in St. Louis, Missouri, in the United States. All bot operations and data storage occur on this VPS. The bot runs on its own Docker container, separate from other accounts. All accounts used to access the server are hardware-secured with two-factor authentication, and data is stored on a password-protected MySQL database. The database is not publicly accessible.

Privacy and Security Concerns

Please contact support at [email protected], Direct Message colin#2087 on Discord or join the support server at https://discord.gg/SeWHuET7xt for any security/privacy issues or concerns.

Third-Party Auth Services/Connections

NWS Bot uses the following third-party metadata and information services, but users do not directly use them:
- National Weather Service website
- IEM/IEMBot (when using IEMBot feature)
- Genius (when using lyrics feature)
- iHeartRadio (when using stream feature with iHeartMedia stations)
- fmstream (when adding stations)
- Mapbox (when using forecast/weather feature)

By using the features mentioned above, users agree to the privacy policies of these services. In particular, for the location-based forecast, the National Weather Service and Mapbox are used for location information and autocomplete in slash commands.


NWS Bot is not to be relied upon for vital decisions about life or property. NWS Bot has no guaranteed uptime, and it may go down at any time for network or service issues. The data sent through the bot may be incorrect or postponed. You should always have a dedicated, reliable source such as a NOAA Weather Radio, TV, radio, or other media source.

By using NWS Bot in any way or adding it to the server, the user consents to the policies and terms outlined in this document. Furthermore, the user is bound to inform members of the contents of this document. If the user does not comply with the given policies, they can remove NWS Bot from the server.

By submitting any information, such as station stream details (using the stream feature) or feedback/suggestions, the user waives any rights related to the content, title, or intent of the information provided.