NWS Bot Changelog

        v3.3.1 (4/01/23)
        - Phases out product_specific feeds; the product1 variable in the /iembot-setup command replaces the product_specific variable and can now be used by all servers
        v3.3.0 (3/31/23)
        - Adds custom IEMBot feeds (selection of counties/zones and products)
        - Introduces NWS Bot Premium subscription
        v3.2.31 (2/26/23)
        - Fix formatting in IEMBot messages and text products
        v3.2.30 (2/26/23)
        - Added ability to send messages and/or ping roles for IEMBot feeds
        v3.2.29 (2/12/23)
        - Weather stories should now load significantly faster
        - Minor bug fixes and improvements
        v3.2.28 (1/29/23)
        - Added radar auto-posting for servers with Experimental Mode enabled
        v3.2.27 (1/08/23)
        - Updated the weather stories feature for WFOs in the Western and Southern regions to be on par with the Central region's weather stories feature
        - --> This brings titles, captions, multiple weather stories, and a 'Refresh' button to weather stories
        v3.2.26 (1/03/23)
        - Added timestamps to radar image embeds
        - Fixed issue that would, in rare cases, cause some IEMBot feeds to be deleted from the database due to errors
        v3.2.25 (12/21/22)
        - Made changes to connection code to help mitigate latency issues
        - Removed prefix change setting
        v3.2.24 (11/04/22)
        - Updated NWS radar URL
        v3.2.23 (10/04/22)
        - Minor improvements for consistency and reliability
        - Major updates coming soon
        v3.2.22 (10/02/22)
        - Added 'Cancel' and 'Report Stream Error' buttons to alternate stream prompt and changed text
        - Added station callsign to stream error report prompt
        v3.2.21 (9/18/22)
        - Stopping a stream will now disconnect the bot from the voice channel
        - Changed "Stop" button to "Disconnect"

        v3.2.20 (7/28/22)
        - Fixes outlook images not being posted in v3.2.19
        - Added timestamps to IEMBot message embeds
        - Internally, IEMBot messages are no longer removed from queue during bot reloads or restarts

        v3.2.19 (7/27/22)
        - For IEMBot feeds, fixed an issue where the bot would sometimes post an outdated SPC outlook image (supplements v3.2.17)

        v3.2.18 (7/26/22)
        - Fixed issue where filter buttons on IEMBot setup would not defer, causing the buttons to hang for 5 seconds and return "This interaction failed"

        v3.2.17 (7/26/22)
        - For IEMBot feeds, fixed an issue where the bot would sometimes post an outdated SPC outlook image

        v3.2.16 (7/02/22)
        - Fixed "Check for Updates" button behavior for Central Region WFO weather stories (fixes images)

        v3.2.15 (7/01/22)
        - Fixed volume and sound channel issues due to callsign differences between certain submitted NWR and AM/FM/IP stations
        - The addstream command now makes it easier to add alternate streams for stations and will no longer error out with "This station already exists in the database"

        v3.2.14 (7/01/22)
        - Rewrote the "Check for Updates" function for weather stories for all Central Region WFOs to take into account both title and caption updates. Additionally, when checking for updates, the bot will now display the first updated weather story as well as display "(New)" next to every updated weather story

        v3.2.13 (6/20/22)
        - Added ability to change the bot's volume in voice channels
        - Improved autocorrect

        v3.2.12 (6/06/22)
        - `Fixed bug on the IEMBot feed handler that, in rare cases, caused some updated feed entries to be deleted if the original channel was inaccessible due to a failure in refreshing the database buffer`

        v3.2.11 (5/29/22)
        - Fixed weather stories for all WFOs in the central region

        v3.2.10 (5/22/22)
        - Responses for reporting stream errors are now ephemeral messages
        - Added Modal dialogs for certain prompts
        - Added error reporting for buttons

        v3.2.9 (5/21/22)
        - Switched IEMBot polling method from RSS feeds to JSON service to reduce CPU and network usage
        - Reduced IEMBot polling interval back to original 5 seconds
        - Added SPC outlook maps from IEM
        - Added hyperlinks to product names for IEMBot feeds
        - Minor bug fixes
        - Switch to Mapbox for location geocoding for forecast/weather commands, rather than OpenStreetMap Nominatim

        v3.2.8 (5/19/22)
        - Added support for permissions v2
        - For traditional commands (nws!), the required permission for IEMBot feed setup is now 'Manage Channels', while the default permission to change bot settings is now 'Manage Server'
        - For slash commands, by default users will now need 'Manage Channels' to setup IEMBot feeds, and 'Manage Server' to change bot settings; these can be modified in Integrations. These commands will be hidden to normal users by default
        - For slash commands, to manage who can use the bot, which commands can be used, and which channels the bot can be used in, head to Server Settings > Integrations > NWS Bot
        - Disabled use of certain slash commands in DM channels (voice channel streaming, server settings)
        - Fix SPC, WPC, and NHC in autocorrect

        v3.2.7 (5/18/22)
        - Fixes bug that deletes IEMBot feed entries from the database after unhandled exceptions

        v3.2.6 (5/15/22)
        - Fix autocorrect behavior for WFOs
        - Added SPC, WPC, and NHC to WFO autocorrect list for IEMBot setup
        - Fix SPC, WPC, and NHC IEMBot feeds

        v3.2.5 (5/15/22)
        - Optimized IEMBot feature, reducing CPU and network usage
        - Reduced poll interval from 30 seconds to 15 seconds
        - For continuations, cancelations, expirations, etc. clicking the 'Text' button shows those updated text products rather than the issuance text
        - Other minor improvements to the IEMBot feature

        v3.2.4 (5/08/22)
        - Users now need to have the Send Messages channel permission to be able to report stream errors

        v3.2.3 (5/07/22)
        - Optimized IEMBot feature for more efficient use of network resources
        v3.2.2 (5/06/22)
        - Made changes to IEMBot polling & feed parsing to avoid rate limits

        v3.2.1 (5/01/22)
        - Added 'Text' button to certain IEMBot products

        v3.2.0 (4/30/22)
        - Split single bot process into multiple shards/processes to improve performance, especially during peak usage times (view shard stats with '/stats')
        - Minor fixes & improvements

        v3.1.5 (4/27/22)
        - Replace Geoapify with Mapbox for location autocomplete

        v3.1.4 (4/25/22)
        - Added autocomplete for certain fields in slash commands

        v3.1.3 (4/24/22)
        - When adding stations, the bot will now prompt for the user to confirm the station location if the bot pulls the stream information from fmstream
        - Removed error messages in buttons in favor of ephemeral messages
        - Lyrics output when clicking 'Lyrics' button is now an ephemeral message to help reduce spam

        v3.1.2 (4/24/22)
        - Added ability to choose source of radar image, NWS or Weather Underground
        - Bot will now show station titles for Icecast streams that have provided it
        - Bot will now show audio channel and stream bitrate if available

        v3.1.1 (4/23/22)
        - Added Experimental mode, a per-server setting allowing access to experimental features
        - Added better handling of streams with self-signed SSL certificates
        - Added IEMBot feed lists, available under Experimental mode
        - Fixed 'Stop' button being unresponsive

        v3.1.0 (4/23/22)
        - Changed radar image to official NWS radar image
        - Bot will now rejoin voice channels after a bot restart or outage
        - Fixes for IEMBot product-specific feeds

        v3.0.3 (4/20/22)
        - Fixed stream URL updating

        v3.0.2 (4/18/22)
        - Bot now shows main command list when mentioned
        - Changed bot's status to '/help' rather than 'nws!help'

        v3.0.1 (4/17/22)
        - Fixed national alert map index
        - Fixed IEMBot setup command
        - Added stations list sorting
        v3.0 (4/17/22)
        - Full support for slash commands
        - Rewrote button logic
        - Fixed alert maps
        - Improved performance and response
        - Added error reporting
        - More precise cooldown timer
        - Temporarily removed NHC features
        - Temporarily paused setup for IEMBot product-specific feeds
        - Other bug fixes & improvements
        v2.6.18 (2/16/22)
        - Fixed weather story for LOT
        v2.6.17 (2/11/22)
        - Fixed weather story for some WFOs
        v2.6.16 (1/21/22)
        - Added WSO "Pago Pago" to bot's WFO list
        - Set alert map language to English
        v2.6.15 (1/17/22)
        - Added Wind Chill to forecast
        - Added nws!weather command, like nws!forecast but only shows Current Conditions
        - Fixed issue with adding stations
        - Fixed issue where alert maps won't load when there are no active alerts
        v2.6.14 (1/15/22)
        - Fixed issue with updating broken stream URLs
        v2.6.13 (12/09/21)
        - Fixed issue with weather stories for LOT
        v2.6.12 (9/12/21)
        - Fixed issue with certain station callsigns
        - Fixed issue with images not sending
        v2.6.11 (8/30/21)
        - Added button to report stream errors
        - Added Transmitter Propagation link to NWR streams
        v2.6.10.1 (8/29/21)
        - Fixed help command
        v2.6.10 (8/19/21)
        - Added images for Special Weather Statements
        v2.6.9 (8/18/21)
        - Added SPC, WPC, and NHC IEMBot feeds
        - Added product-specific IEMBot feeds
        - Added images for certain products posted through the IEMBot feed, which is enabled by default
        - Fixed bug where all filters would be marked 'Excluded' when modifying IEMBot feeds
        - Fixed issue with buttons during IEMBot setup process
        - Other bug fixes and improvements
        v2.6.8 (8/07/21)
        - Optimized database connections
        v2.6.7 (7/27/21)
        - When adding streams, the bot now checks a public stream info database and pulls location/stream data from there if available, which for a lot of AM/FM stations, will no longer require input from the user.
        v2.6.6 (7/15/21)
        - Significantly reduced bandwidth usage for polling IEMBot feeds (previously used on average 200 GB per day)
        - Decreased time it takes to send IEMBot messages
        v2.6.5 (7/14/21)
        - Added a Local Storm Reports only feed for the IEMBot feature
        v2.6.4 (7/14/21)
        - Allows modification of the IEMBot setup when a user attempts to add another feed from the same WFO
        v2.6.3 (7/13/21)
        - Added filters to the IEMBot auto-posting (can be set up in the IEMBot setup process)
        - Prevents users from clicking the Play/Stop buttons if they are not in the same voice channel as NWS Bot
        v2.6.2 (7/13/21)
        - Fixed bug where the bot's streaming functions would fail occasionally (unable to join or disconnect)
        v2.6.1 (7/12/21)
        - Optimized IEMBot auto-posting for performance
        - Fixed lyrics feature
        - Minor changes for quality
        v2.6 (7/11/21)
        - Added IEMBot auto-posting (beta)
        v2.5.15 (7/07/21)
        - Fixed error message when the bot tries to join a voice channel it cannot access
        v2.5.14 (7/07/21)
        - More specific error message when adding a non-iHeartMedia station using an iHeart.com link
        - Fixed adding some iHeartRadio stations
        v2.5.13 (7/01/21)
        - Improved reliability for buttons
        v2.5.12 (7/01/21)
        - Changed most of the plaintext messages to embeds
        - Added Miscellaneous Commands
        - Various bug fixes and improvements
        v2.5.11 (6/29/21)
        - Fixed certain weather forecast office products not sending
        - Added severe weather outlooks (state and national) to the SPC command
        v2.5.10 (6/27/21)
        - Added ability to fetch forecast using city and state instead of just zip code
        v2.5.9 (6/26/21)
        - Fixed bug where bot would randomly crash
        - Fixed bug when streaming radio stations: bot gets stuck at "Joining" message
        v2.5.8 (6/20/21)
        - Improved performance for the alert map index (especially for the national alert map)
        v2.5.7 (6/16/21)
        - Stop button for streams is now more reliable
        v2.5.6 (6/15/21)
        - Added index for the national alert map
        v2.5.5 (6/13/21)
        - Fixed a bug that stops the NWS Bot stream when a user leaves a voice channel the bot is not currently in
        - Fixed a bug that causes internal errors when trying to fix/update a stream URL
        v2.5.4 (6/06/21)
        - Fixed weather stories for Chicago (LOT). Use the command 'nws!suggest [message]' if you would like weather stories to be fixed for your local WFO.
        - Improved reliability and readability for text products
        - Added index for alert maps
        - Improved performance for buttons
        - Added first set of buttons for NWS Bot's streaming features. Allows for quick switching between stations
        - NWS Bot's server-specific settings are now cleared from the database when it is removed from that server
        - Reduced command cooldown times
        - NWR streams now use mono/single-channel audio
        - Volume is now correct for NWR streams when 24/7 mode is enabled
        - Increased volume by 400% for NWR streams
        - Bot will always respond to the command 'nws!help' regardless of server-specific prefix
        - Allow public access to the stats command (nws!stats)
        - Fixed radar images not updating
        - Decreased loading time to resume stream by 50% while 24/7 Mode is enabled
        - Fixed volume of stream to be less deafening (25% of original volume)
        - Improvements to the radar command
        - Improved loading messages for streaming
        - Radar list
        - Fixes and improvements to 24/7 Mode
        - WFO list moved to wfo command (wfolist command will no longer work)
        - Fixed bug with suggestions not going through correctly - even if it gave the 'Successful' message
        - Added check to ensure WFO is specified when requesting a WFO product
        - Other quality improvements
        - Partial support for stage channels

        - Improvements to 24/7 Mode
        -- Helps prevent stream from randomly stopping when alone in the voice channel
        -- Saves bandwidth and resources
        - 24/7 Mode
        - Command cooldown
        - You can now use the nws!np or nws!lyrics command without specifying a station ID (will use the last streamed station)
        - Song lyrics for iHeartRadio stations
        - Re-write of the bot in discord.py's commands framework
        - Easier handling of command arguments
        - Other bug fixes and feature improvements