NWS Bot is a Discord bot that displays the latest local WFO and SPC products such as local radar imagery and forecasts, local/national alert maps, WFO weather stories and text products, SPC watches and outlooks, etc. It can also stream NOAA Weather Radio, AM, and FM (internet) radio stations in voice channels.

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NWS Bot can display text products and images from local National Weather Service forecast offices and the Storm Prediction Center, including local radar imagery, alert maps, and weather stories from the WFO (weather forecast office), as well as SPC products like watches and thunderstorm/fire/convective outlooks. It can also show weather forecasts for specified areas and play internet livestreams for available NWR (NOAA Weather Radio), AM, and FM stations.

Here are some of its features:

Weather Forecasts

WFO Products

Regional & National Alert Maps


SPC Products

NOAA Weather Radio/AM/FM Voice Channel Streaming

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